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Edit Google Docs in Office

Officially, Google Docs files are compatible with Microsoft Word. Yeah, there are some limitations but

Embedding YouTube Videos into PowerPoint 2007

These instructions were originally posted on Clay’s Blog. I’ve modified them a little and added screenshots.

SlideShare Ribbon for PowerPoint 2007

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a SlideShare user. Well, as of this morning,

Open Office 2007 Documents in OpenOffice

I don’t use OpenOffice much but it comes installed on the Cloudbook so I think

Another Blogging via Word 2007 test

Since someone just asked me “how clean is the code Office 2007 puts out” for

Outlook 2007 Performance Update

Some have noticed that Outlook 2007 runs a little slower than the 2003 version did.

Slow Performance From Outlook 2007?

I’m not experiencing slowdowns but it does make me wonder about usuing Outlook 2007 as

Save as PDF or XPS directly from Office 2007

I’m assuming this is a result of the PDF format going open source but you