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That viral video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing is a meta-meme

As a long-time follower of Lawrence Lessig I recognized the @AOC video instantly. This Wired

Throwback Thursday: I Kiss You!

From Know You’re Meme: I Kiss You! is a popular internet meme based on the personal


Head on over to YouTube and search for doge meme. Here’s a screenshot for those

Blank Meme & Advice Animal Templates

Need a custom meme image for your blog or presentation? If so, head on over to the Blank Meme & Advice Animal Templates page on imgflip and get creating. (Thanks Jennifer!)

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

This is one of the few children’s programs that made me wish I worked in

Hitler makes a YouTube video

The more Internet memes you know, the funnier this is.

15 Thing About Me and Books

Inspired by Steve Lawson who was inspired by John Scalzi.  I’ve only ever read three