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Ben Bizzle on Bold Leadership

What do you HATE about your public library?

What happens when a librarian asks Redditors “What do you HATE about your public library?” This

Kevin Rose’s 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Do you think any of these could apply to libraries? If so, how? Just Build It

Kodak has finally made me smile again

I’m from the hometown of Kodak so don’t get me started on my opinion of

Spammers, and proud of it

Seth Godin takes on Reed Elsevier’s recent “marketing”. It’s worth blogging as I wonder if


Canadian Flag Originally uploaded by travelinlibrarian. What if the marketing department got to comment on

CAL2006: "The Long Tail" and the Growing Social Nature of Information

Heather Clark, BCR How technology is changing how we understand information and in the economy Book

CAL2006: Geek Fest 2006: What’s Cool and What’s a Good Investment

Jo Haight Sarline, Denver Public Library Carson Block, Fort Collins Public Library John Sulshaw, University of Colorado-Boulder Jimmy

IL2006: Wednesday Keynote

Shari Thurow, Webmaster & Marketing Director, Grantastic Designs, Inc. Web Presence for Internet Librarians Goals

IL206: MySpace & Facebook

Aaron Schmidt Cliff Landis, Valdosta State Library Aaron: MySpace Invaders Owned by NewsCorp Not the best