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2016 The Year in Dunkin’

Looks like Dunkin’ Donuts has been tracking my purchases. Not a surprise as I have

FitBit 2015

Not sure what took so long but FitBit finally e-mailed me an info graphic for

Which Creative Commons license is right for me?

Still having a little trouble understanding the different types of CC licenses, or just need

Infographic: Can I Use that Picture

It’s not perfect (see this analysis from Copyright Librarian,) but it’s darn close and way better than the one I didn’t post that insisted that you should only consider fair use after failing to get permission. Click image for source, full-sized version, and to order a poster.

2013: My (some of the) year in Fitbit

I didn’t have a working Fitbit the whole year so the numbers are lower than reality but the highlights are generally accurate.

I Am a {Social} Librarian

The Good News about Library Fair Use

Source: ARL.org  

8 Things Worth Knowing About Eating Sushi

Creative Commons Explained