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ICIW2008: Understanding IRC Bot Behaviors in a Network-centric Attack Detection and Prevention

Gail-Joon Ahn, UNC Charlotte motivation malicious bots surgein attacks 1241 bots collected by them in the

ICIW2008: The Impact of Vista and Federal Desktop Core Configuration on Incident Response

Daniel J. Cotton, Univ of Nebraska, Omaha Vista Firewall filter incoming & outgoing traffic IPSec Address

ICIW2008: Afternoon Keynote

Are the System Security Watchmen Asleep? Dr. Roger Schell, Aesec Corporation, Palo Alto, CA Executives

ICIW2008: Interactive Visualization of Fused Intrusion Detection Data

Stuart Kurkowski, Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB Work in progress, developing the tool to

ICIW2008: Outsourcing and the Insider Threat

Carl Colwill, BT DEsign Security Risk & Compliance, UK “The insider will always be the greatest

ICIW2008: Morning notes

Conference is tightly scheduled. All presentations are 20 Min + 5 min for Q&A then

Information Warfare and Security Conference

Today I’m attending day one of a two-day conference titled he 3rd International Conference on