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Trump Executive Order Generator

The first time I saw Trump hold up a signed executive order I knew someone


Head on over to the Shine-O-Matic and go a little bit mad at the typewriter.

Blank Meme & Advice Animal Templates

Need a custom meme image for your blog or presentation? If so, head on over to the Blank Meme & Advice Animal Templates page on imgflip and get creating. (Thanks Jennifer!)

Let Me Tweet That For You

The tweet pictured in this post is totally fake and the possible implications of lemmetweetthatforyou.com does make me a bit nervous. However, I must admit that it was fun to create.

Thing #10: Image Generators

I love image generators. I have over 60 bookmarked in my Delicious account and subscribe

Thing #10: Puzzled by Sushi?

Today’s the day where I catch up, if not complete since I’m at CiL all

Flash Countdown Timer Generator

Flash Countdown Timer Generator – Create a countdown for your blog, Web site, or myspace

I just reversed the polarity of the neutron flow.

If you know why the title of this post is funny, you’ll especially love the

I’m in boingboing!

ok, not really. I used the Boing Boing Blog Post Generator