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Throwback Thursday: Hodor’s POV

Originally found on a Google+ page in 2013. Therefore source no longer known. 

Mashup Monday: Game of Hyrule – Legend of Zelda, Game of Thrones – Opening

The Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past world map undergoes a Game of Thrones

Sesame Street: Game of Chairs

The Game of Chairs will determine who will be king or queen of Jesteros. Four players will march around three chairs while music plays until one remains. Who will take the crown in this game of musical chairs? Robb, Cersie, Joffrey, Daeneyrus or….?

The real Iron Throne and Hodor’s POV

Two Game of Thrones images came across my steam today. The first is a G.R.R.M.-approved illustration of the Iron Throne. (Click the image for more details.) The second is a previously unreleased page of a chapter from Hodor’s point-of-view.