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‘Let’s Go Crazy’ suit: Woman whose kitchen video was yanked from YouTube wins court ruling

Stephanie Lenz was in her kitchen in rural Pennsylvania, filming her two young children having

The Good News About Library Fair Use

Via The Antiquarian Librarian

Infographic: Can I Use that Picture

It’s not perfect (see this analysis from Copyright Librarian,) but it’s darn close and way better than the one I didn’t post that insisted that you should only consider fair use after failing to get permission. Click image for source, full-sized version, and to order a poster.

Corporations Abusing Copyright Laws Are Ruining the Web for Everyone

By allowing limited use of copyrighted material for things like criticism, review, commentary, parody, or just personal non-commercial use, fair use has a widespread and often invisible impact on today’s social internet. Yet its very ubiquity means it’s often taken for granted by individuals — and the internet companies who benefit from it. This is worrying […]

The Good News about Library Fair Use

Source: ARL.org  

Lessig battles bogus takedowns

Copyright law allows for the fair use of works for purposes such as criticism, comment, teaching, and scholarship. Professor Lessig’s use of the “Lisztomania” clips in his lecture was a classic example of fair use and was not copyright infringement. Earlier this year, Liberation Music, which claims to own the license to the Phoenix song, began […]

Fair use victory in Faulkner case

“At issue in this case is whether a single line from a full-length novel singly

Major fair use victory in court

“This decision absolutely clarifies that the law does not require that a new work of

YouTube’s Deal With Universal Blocks DMCA Counter Notices

When it comes to YouTube forget about the concept of fair use in certain circumstances: When content is removed from the Internet following a DMCA complaint filed by a rightsholder the user who uploaded the content gets a chance to file a counter-claim. If successful this should reinstate the content but on YouTube things now appear […]