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And so it begins… again!

Now here’s an amazing yet wonderful coincidence. Over the past month I’ve been re-watching the

CIL2007: Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets

Barbara Fullerton, 10-K Wizard, Sabrina Pacifici, LLRX.com, and Aaron Schmidt, North Plains Public Library Simplify!

Dewey Torrents

In today’s unshelved. (I still haven’t seen 300 yet. Guess I’ll need to wait for

Watching Tron is dangerous

tron_1024 Originally uploaded by danakin. It seems that the Department of Homeland Security has classified

The Customer-Centered Library: How to stop tweaking and start doing it with new steps for 2007

Karen Hyman, South Jersey Library Cooperative Columbus Public Library, Columbus, NE After today’s session you

Libraries and Netflix

Can’t afford to replace all those DVDs that your patrons seem to chew on? Why

Upgrading to Vista

I’ve backed up and cleaned off. Defrag is running now and I’ll give it one

CAL2006: Geek Fest 2006: What’s Cool and What’s a Good Investment

Jo Haight Sarline, Denver Public Library Carson Block, Fort Collins Public Library John Sulshaw, University of Colorado-Boulder Jimmy

Free online file conversion

This morning David Lee King pointed me to Zamzar.com by saying “Zamzar is cool”. With

IL2006: Blogging Update – Applications & Tips

Syndication and Website Content: Suggestions for Blogs, RSS and Internal Syndication Walter Nelson, RAND Library