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Thanks Massachusetts Library Association!

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at the 2012 Massachusetts Library Association

CPD23 Thign #17: Prezzi

I looked at Prezzi back when it first arrived on the scene and even did

Using images found online

Regular readers should be well aware of my feelings on Copyright and fair use here

30 Posts in 30 Days #26: Socially Protected Content

On my way home yesterday afternoon I was listening to episode #176 of the Beyond

Participating in the Creative Commons

Here’s a video of the most recent version of my Creative Commons presentation. There’s not

James Boyle – The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

I’m listening to the audio version of this right now and it’s brilliant. Here’s the

New copyright statement in Flickr for “government work”

For a while now, photos posted on flickr by the White House have been licensed

Imagining a Smithsonian Commons

I’m back from Computers in Libraries 2009 and I’ve got a lot to share. The