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It never hurts to ask

About a month ago a friend pointed me to an article which used a photograph

Tuesday Tech Tip: A Guide to Creative Commons Licenses

If you’re going to set a CC license on your content please be sure you understand what you’re doing. Unlike some people…

Creative Commons Licenses and Fair Use

I’ve been watching episode 272 of This Week in Law and one of the guests is Sarah Pearson of Creative Commons. I hear this bit and I immediately rewound and listened again. Check it out: So basically, if your use of a CC-licensed work would fall under Fair Use, you don’t have to follow the license! […]

Which Creative Commons license is right for me?

Still having a little trouble understanding the different types of CC licenses, or just need

Is it copyrighted? Can I use it?

Copyright! Complicated, confusing, and not clear-cut. What does a librarian need to know? Michael Sauers

Creative Commons Issues an Update to its Copyright License Suite

After more than two years of community discussions and many drafts, the nonprofit Creative Commons

A Visual Guide To Creative Commons Licensing

Creative Commons Explained

Thank you Massachusetts Library System!

This morning it was my privileged to present “Participating in the Creative Commons” for the  Massachusetts Library System.