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CPD23 Thing #23: Wrap-up

This has been an interesting program for me as it’s made me think a little

CPD23 Thing #22: Volunteering

When it comes to what I would consider large-scale volunteering, back when I was in

CPD23 Thing #21: My strengths

This thing doesn’t ask us to get specific about what we like and dislike when

CPD23 Thing #20: A nickel’s worth of free advice

This thing centers on talking about your roots but gives those of us that have

CPD23 Thign #17: Prezzi

I looked at Prezzi back when it first arrived on the scene and even did

CPD23 Thing 19: Reflection

I’m in a reflective mood but I’m not being all that reflective of the program

CPD23 Thing 18: Screencasting and Podcasting

Where to start on this one considering I do both of these things pretty much

CPD23 Thing #16: Advocacy

This one has really got me thinking but I’m not sure I have much to

CPD23 Thing 15: Attending, presenting at and organizing seminars, conferences and other events

So, conferences. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Let’s focus on each of the

CPD23 Thing #13: Online Collaboration

This week we’re talking about online collaboration, specifically Google Docs, Dropbox & Wikis. Google Docs I’ve been