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Judge Understands BitTorrent, Kills Mass Piracy Lawsuits

In the U.S. roughly half a million people have been sued for sharing copyrighted files

How one band dealt with piracy

Update 12/29/13: Sadly, this has turned out not to be true. In the case of Iron Maiden, still a top-drawing band in the U.S. and Europe after thirty years, it noted a surge in traffic in South America. Also, it saw that Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, and Chile were among the top 10 countries with the […]

Unpublished Salinger Books Leaked to Private File-Sharing Site

File-sharing sites and platforms of all kinds can be goldmines of unusual information and today fans of writer J. D. Salinger will be the ones getting particularly excited. Last evening three previously unreleased stories by the reclusive American author were uploaded to private BitTorrent tracker What.cd, including The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls, a piece […]

Securely sync your content with BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent Inc. has opened up its Sync app to the public today. The new application

New York Public Library Blocks The Pirate Bay

NYPL uses filters. Fine. I’m not going to have that argument. But it looks like

Please help, for just dollars a month

Netflix Relief Fund with Jason Alexander from Jason Alexander

Mistake Shows Need for Clear Communication in Piracy Discussions

Let’s say that I download the last episode of the recent season of Lost via

Understanding Anti-Piracy Enforcement

TorrentFreak has a great post explaining some of the most common misconceptions about anti-piracy enforcement

One bielyon dollars!

Ok, I exaggerate a little but this is getting a smidge ridiculous. The MPAA is

BitTorrent without the hassles

I’ll stick with Azureus as it allows me to do many things to control my