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First test of Windows Live Writer

Not much to say yet, but the software did seem to successfully detect all of


I’m about to download and play with the latest beta of Microsoft’s blog authoring software

Technology to Michael: "You’re not the boss of me!"

I’m in the Eastern Iowa Airport (Cedar Rapids, IA) using the free WiFi to get

IL2006: What’s Hot in Social Softwr

Stephen M. Cohen, Senior Librarian, Law Library Management, Inc. AJAX Beta Browster CoComment Cohen Family Recipies


Think YouTube for for PowerPoint shows. SlideShare allows you to upload your PPT file (up

FrontPage’s Replacement: Expression

Microsoft has released beta 1 of the Microsoft Expression Web Designer, the follow-up to FrontPage.


SpeedTest.net Originally uploaded by travelinlibrarian. SpeedTest.net is “a general use broadband connection testing site with

Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate Now Available

The IEBlog page gives most of the details. The biggest thing I noticed is about

Blogger Beta

In having my students create their first blogs today using Blogger, one of them managed