September 12th, 2007 by Michael Sauers

Not much to say yet, but the software did seem to successfully detect all of my Blogger account settings despite the fact that I publish to my own server, not blogspot. (One kudo point so far.)

Windows Live Writer - Editing 

Also, the interface seems nice and easy to use. There is an edit code view and a live preview of what this post will look like on my blog once it’s published. (12 kudo points for that feature!)

Windows Live Writer - Web Preview 

Images can be inserted by browsing local/network drives and through a URL. It doesn’t seem to be able to pull images from flickr directly, but I can just do the usual copy/paste of the flickr code so that’s not too troubling.

Windows Live Writer - HTML Code 

There’s more features. I’ll post more if/when I find things worth mentioning. My initial opinion: a pretty sweet app.

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September 12th, 2007 by Michael Sauers

I’m about to download and play with the latest beta of Microsoft’s blog authoring software Windows Live Writer and I’ve noticed one of its “features”: the ability to “Publish XHTML-Style markup” [emphasis added]. I’m sorry, but the code is either XHTML or it isn’t. There’s no such thing as XHTML-style or XHTML-like as far as I’m concerned. I’m still going to play with it but sometimes Microsoft, you make me wonder.
Windows Live Writer

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December 8th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

I’m in the Eastern Iowa Airport (Cedar Rapids, IA) using the free WiFi to get caught up from this four day trip to Iowa City, IA for two days of BCR workshops and an afternoon speaking to the staff of the Iowa City Public Library about the Social Web as part of their in-service day. Today went well and everyone enjoyed it including myself. The previous two days however, if it could go wrong it did. Cases in point:

  • For the blogs class, Blogger finally decided to send everyone creating a new blog to the beta version. This meant that many of my handouts didn’t match what they were looking at on the screen, didn’t match the screen I was projecting and there were new/changed features that I wasn’t prepared to discuss.
  • In the RSS workshop, FeedXS finally convinced me that it’s useless for class purposes and I was pretty much forced to just tell everyone to skip it and ignore that part of the handouts.
  • I taught my podcasting class for the first time and, instead of ending up with a short list of things to tweak for the next time out, I need to redo about 50% of the workshop and change the focus for the second half of the class. And, the BCR FTP server decided that it kept wanting to drop my connection so I couldn’t upload the students’ MP3 files to the server to get to work with the software I was trying to teach them.
  • During the wiki class I instructed all eleven students on how to create a Wikipedia account, something I’ve done many other times. This time, six of them were able to create accounts while the other five got error messages informing them that six accounts had already been created from that IP address and no other new accounts would be allowed for 24 hours. Turns out that to the outside world all of ICPL’s computers are represented by one IP address. Great for the network architecture and for security reasons but it causes problems with Wikipedia’s security. A good portion of the class was from that point on a demo instead of hands on.

Needless to say it’s been a long week and I need a few solid nights of sleep before getting back to the office on Monday and updating the material for those classes before teaching them again in January.

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October 25th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

Stephen M. Cohen, Senior Librarian, Law Library Management, Inc.

  • AJAX
  • Beta
  • CoComment
    Cohen Family Recipies (
  • Digg
  • Econsultant (Web 2.0 directory)
  • flickr
  • gmail (chat)
  • “Hype”
  • Image Editors
  • Jenny Levine
  • LibraryThing
  • (Babes with Books)
  • Moo
    Media Convert
    Muppets Wiki
  • Netvibes
  • OCLC
  • Pandora
    Purevideo (Video metasearch)
  • RSS
  • Stephens, Michael
  • Trackback?
    Type of the Day
  • Wikis
  • YouTube
  • Zoho


  • Gmail Space Firefox Extension
  • Twingine
  • Flock
  • Gliffy
  • Xanga
  • Picasa
  • Odeo

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October 23rd, 2006 by Michael Sauers

Karen Coombs, University of Houston
Jason Clark, Montana State University

Karen: Incorporating Web 2.0 into Library Web Sites

  • What is Web 2.0
    • Services to collaborate & share
    • movement toward more dynamic & interactice web
  • examples
    • social software
    • blogs
    • wikis
    • folksonomies
    • rss
    • APIs
    • AJAX
  • Radical Decentralization
    • Web site updated and created by many different people
    • wikis & blogs
    • librariy web site allows any staff to update any content
  • Small Pieces Loosely Joined
    • Combination of different technologies
      • wikis
      • blogs
      • CMS
    • Library’s CMS made up of modules for different content types
      • content is resuable throughout the site
    • any piece of the CMS can be replaced as needed
  • Perpetual Beta
    • deploy systems early and make constant improvements
    • users are part of the development process
    • deploy new systems to a small group of staff to test and help us refine
    • gather constant input and make continuous improvements
  • Remixable Content
    • APIs allow content to be incorporated into other systems
    • library web site can incorporate content from external sources
    • content which is part of the library’s site can be used on multiple pages
    • AJAX to add database link to any page, blog, wiki
  • User as contributor
    • allows users to add and update content
      • class wikis
      • wiki model for CMS
    • instutitional repositories for scholarly content from faculty, students and staff
    • library hosts blogs
    • user tagging and review content in catalog
  • Rich User Experience
    • multimedia, interactivity, GUI-style application experience
      • video
      • sound
      • screencasts
    • personalization and customization
    • space for collaboration and interaction
      • chat
      • VoIP
  • Demo of UofH’s CMS

Jason: Social Tagging and Folksonomies in Practice

  • Agenda
    • examples
    • define
    • suggest applications
    • pros & cons
    • where can you learn more
  • Examples
    • amazon
    • flickr
    • technorati
  • Definitions
    • Tagging
      • assigning descriptive metadata
    • Tag
      • The descriptive metadata
    • Folksonomies
      • taxonomy created by folks
  • Library use cases
    • find additional access points in library catalogs
    • assign friendly terms to indexes and databases
    • create communities of practice around library articles
    • organize a series of web pahes for a library guide
    • give users opportunities to label library web pages
    • Library applications
      • WPOPAC
  • Social Tagging: Why does it work?
    • embracessocal nature of the web
    • curency
    • scales to large datasets
    • offers a broader discovery model
    • adaptable
    • maps and displays simple relationships between items
  • What’s the Hitch?
    • lack of precision
    • lack of true hierarchy
    • vulnerable to “gaming” of the system
    • lack of a controlled vocabulary
    • users can be wrong
  • When to use it?
    • establish an architecture of participation
    • organize resources for a company intranet
    • allow a class to collaborate and buils a reference guide
    • build and refine library controlled vocabulary
    • anytime there is a browse or search function
  • Reference list…
    • ZoomCloud
    • TagCloud
    • (blog)
    • FreeTag
    • unalog
  • Final thoughts
    • design matters
    • scale matters
    • a new source of data

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October 10th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

Think YouTube for for PowerPoint shows. SlideShare allows you to upload your PPT file (up to 20MB), tag, share, and play. There’s no way to make slideshows private but the concept is interesting, especially for those who want to share their slides and don’t have server space to post them on. The system is currently in private beta (which also limits viewing slides to those with accounts) but I’ve got invites. Drop me an e-mail if you want access.

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September 11th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

Microsoft has released beta 1 of the Microsoft Expression Web Designer, the follow-up to FrontPage. I’ve installed and played with it a little bit and here’s my initial reactions:

Microsoft Expression Web Designer beta 1

The interface is nice and easily understood after about five minutes of poking around. I especially like the ability to split the screen between code and WYSIWYG editing.

Microsoft Expression Web Designer beta 1 - 01

With Microsoft’s “we write good clean code now” push, a validator is included in Expression. The validator does allow you to choose which level of “compatibility” you would like to test against.

Microsoft Expression Web Designer beta 1 - 02

The list of validation errors appears below. In this example, since I was validating against XHTML 1.0 Transitional, it did tell me that the legacy FrontPage Webbot in my code may cause problems. Bravo!

Microsoft Expression Web Designer beta 1 - 03

The menu-based CSS editing will take me a bit of getting used to since I’m comfortable writing CSS by hand. I can see this being very useful to someone new to CSS.

Microsoft Expression Web Designer beta 1 - 04

The new “Optimize HTML” feature seems useful but I’ve not played with it yet.

Microsoft Expression Web Designer beta 1 - 05

Expression’s “Preview in Browser” feature is flexible. It auto-detects which browsers are on your computer and you can set up different preview types including multiple browsers in a specific resolution.

Microsoft Expression Web Designer beta 1 - 06

Expression still works with servers that have the FrontPage extensions installed but it doesn’t seem to have a built in FTP and/or SFTP client allowing me to easily access sites on non-FrontPage servers. (I’ve got just one site I work on that is still on a FrontPage server.) I’m not planning on moving from HTML-Kit to Expression until I see what the actual cost will be (or maybe if I get it for free as part of some Office upgrade). Overall though, it does seem to be leaps and bounds ahead FrontPage and Microsoft deserves kudos for this product.

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September 5th, 2006 by Michael Sauers
Originally uploaded by travelinlibrarian. is “a general use broadband connection testing site with many geographically dispersed servers to test against. Here we plan to demonstrate and beta test our latest Ookla Speed Test creations such as latency, jitter, client location and distance to server calculations. Test your connection anytime and even store your results for future reference.” If nothing else, it’s cool to watch for those that miss watching the little blocks move around while defragging their hard drive. (Sorry, it only takes about 30 seconds to complete a test.)

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August 25th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

IE7RC1The IEBlog page gives most of the details. The biggest thing I noticed is about the install program. This one will automatically remove previous beta installations. You will not need to go through the add/remove programs-based uninstall this time around. (Assuming you’ve previously installed beta 3.)

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August 18th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

In having my students create their first blogs today using Blogger, one of them managed to create an account in the new “Beta” version of Blogger. It look different and works a bit differently too. (I did notice that “password protected” blogs is one of the new features.) You can use it but not with an existing account. To play with it you’ll need to sign up for a new Google Account.

The down side to all this is that my Blogs & RSS book is slated to come out in October. Knowing my luck, this beta version will become the liver version just about the same time thus making all my screenshots and instructions out of date and inaccurate.

Blogger Beta

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