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beatles-bootleg-recordings-1963More proof that the current system does not benefit the public:

Dozens of demo recordings, studio outtakes and some 1963 BBC performances by the Beatles are temporarily released for sale online today, in a bid to protect the rare tracks from falling into the public domain next year.

Known as The Beatles: Bootleg Recordings 1963, the release encompassed a 59-track collection.

The featured songs include, for instance, alternate takes of classics such as She Loves You, live performances of Chuck Berry’s Roll Over Beethoven and other songs, as well as demos that the iconic Liverpool band recorded but eventually passed on to other artists, including Bad to Me and I’m in Love.

The tracks were never officially released, although hardcore Beatles devotees have traded lo-fi, bootlegged versions for years.

According to media reports, Apple Records and Universal Music Group staged a brief release of the Beatles cache via iTunes in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and North America today. The tracks were then removed shortly thereafter.

Read the full article @ CBC News.

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February 19th, 2009 by Michael Sauers

Garble Arch (A Day in the Life of Abbey Road)

Shea Stadium Demolition 2/18/09

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