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Friday Reads: Becoming Superman by J. Michael Straczynski

Featuring an introduction by Neil Gaiman! “J. Michael Straczynski is, without question, one of the greatest

Babylon 5 in Lego

(Click the image for more details.)

And so it begins… again!

Now here’s an amazing yet wonderful coincidence. Over the past month I’ve been re-watching the

New Babylon 5 movie on the way!

Aint It Cool News has the Warner Brothers Press Release about the new TV-movie that

Movie news

I’m going to do a 3-in-1 here. Aussie Exclusive: “Batman Begins” Poster What’s Up With “Resident

Quote “Do not rise to the fool’s challenge to be a fool yourself.” — Elric,

More b5 In case the whole five seasons weren’t enough, the Babylon 5 movie collection

Quote “Touch passion when it comes your way. It’s rare enough as it is. Don’t

How i spent my weekend