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Throwback Thursday: My First Amazon.com order

Otherland: River of Blue Fire by Tad Williams Order Placed: June 6, 1998

More on Amazon.com and Fanfic

From Consumerist.com: Oh and also, erotica might not fly with Amazon, as the content guidelines

Amazon Fights to Keep Secrets in E-book Trial

Amazon attorneys last week filed a letter with the court asking that it be allowed

If You Didn’t Buy It From Amazon It Doesn’t Count as Reading, Says Amazon

Then I looked at the fine print. CCSU bases their study on factors like libraries,

Amazon patents the next generation Kindle

What if you took your eReader and separated the processor from the display, putting the bulk of the work into a base station which wirelessly sends the content to the display? That’s what Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos just patented: Patent #US 20130069865 A1 Inventors: Gregory M. Hart & Jeffrey P. Bezos Abstract: A remote display system including […]