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Throwback Thursday: That time I was on public radio

September 9, 2008 to be exact. Listen here. Many of us use it every day and

xkcd: Isolation


Do you remember that cyberporn article in Time Magazine?

20 years ago, Rimm’s study of online porn made the cover of Time Magazine and

Why We Shut Down Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ Forum – The New York Times

Our primary concern, and reason for taking the site down temporarily, is that Reddit’s management

Friday Reads: Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection

From Social networking has grown into a staple of modern society, but its continued

Friday Video: John Palfrey, “BiblioTech”

Educator and technology expert John Palfrey visited Google’s office in Cambridge, MA to talk about

The Case for Web Literacy: Douglas Rushkoff on Media Theory & Digital Culture

Q. Doesn’t this speak to the leveling effect of constant chatting, tweeting, and sharing? Someone

‘Publicly Shamed:’ Who Needs The Pillory When We’ve Got Twitter?

Writer Jon Ronson has spent a lot of time tracking people who have been shamed, raked over the coals on social media for mostly minor — but sometimes major — transgressions. And he writes about some of them in his new book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed. Ronson tells NPR’s Steve Inskeep his anxiety level shot […]

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