Sam Knows: My first broadband report card

Back in early March I was accepted into the FCC broadband testing program Sam Knows. AS a result I got a specially-configured Netgear router which reports stats back to the FCC so as to compare what my ISP says I should be getting and what I’m actually getting service-wise. What I didn’t know is that I’d also get a monthly report of those stats. This morning I received the first one and I’ve found them interesting. Below is the complete report.

It looks like overall I’m getting the service I’m supposed to be getting but you can clearly see the days in which my service was lacking, to put it politely. I can confirm that I had no service the weekend of the 12th; where the orange line is nonexistent in the first two charts. Looking to the Latency and Packet Loss charts you can see the problem weekend along with some other days in which I did have the throughput but not everything was getting through.


I’ve not had a chance yet to dive into any of the detailed charts yet. Maybe I’ll share some of those once I’ve taken a look at the actual data they contain.

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