Thing #14: Technorati

I have a love/hate relationship with blog-specific search engines. On the one had I long-ago "claimed" this blog in Technorati to make sure that it was indexing my content. I also appreciate that those of us attending conferences like Computers in Libraries can tell those who wish to follow along to just watch for the conference tag in Technorati.

On the other hand, I don’t use it for searching at all. I rarely find myself asking "Gee, I wonder what’s being said about this topic in the blogosphere." Is it that I don’t care what bloggers have to say about a topic, no. It’s just that I already follow via RSS the bloggers I care about so I already know what they think.

I suppose I could use something like Technorati more and maybe I should give it a second chance, but it just doesn’t come to mind when I need to search for things.

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  1. I use Technorati RSS feeds to track references to Open Stacks and Uncontrolled Vocabulary, as well as the cil2008 tag.

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