Thing #11: LibraryThing

I’ve been using LibraryThing for a few years now and love it! You can find my profile here. I’ve paid the $25 for a lifetime membership and (geek that I am) imported all of the ISBNs from my home catalog into my account to get started. Since then I add all my new books as soon as I get them home. Just seven more books and I’ll have 4,000 in my account. My favorite part of the whole thing is being able to access the mobile version of my account on my cell phone in order to be able to answer that age-old question: Do I already own this? LibraryThing has come to my rescue many times. I’ve also met Tim Spalding, the creator of LT and he’s both wonderful and intelligent. If you’re interested in knowing more, check out this talk that Time gave to the staff of the Library of Congress in 2007.

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