Words that you should not use in my presence
Use of any of the following words or phrases in my presence my earn you a visit.

ATM Machine
This is redundant. You are saying 'automatic teller machine machine.' Why isn't just ATM good enough?

PIN Number
(see ATM machine)

Not a word. Don't even try.

You're a librarian or not. You may deal with the Internet but that's part of the job. It doesn't earn you this non-title.

It's a bibliography. It may or may not contain Web resources.

It's a seminar. Get over it!

Italian (pronounced eye-talian)
You don't go to Eye taly? No you go to Italy so it is Italian.

Internetpreneur or Netpreneur
Found them in spam I received recently so that's about as much explanation as I can give. There's just no excuse.

Orientate or worse, orientated
What's wrong with "orient" and "oriented"?

Submissions to welcome.

Louise Alcorn (West Des Moines, IA Public Library), April Carson (Hays, KS Public Library), Robert Prager