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Throwback Thursday: LibraryThing’s 50 Largest Libraries (2006)

Back on 28 March 2006 I had one of the 50 largest libraries in LibraryThing. I’m sure that is no longer true.

Throwback Thursday: Scanner Selfie, 2006

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Throwback Thuesday: Application of a telereference system to divisional library card catalogs

This is an artist’s conception of a proposal to make the card catalog viewable from

Throwback Thursday: Using the Internet as a Reference Tool

This wasn’t my first book, but was my first book for librarians. Published by Neal-Schuman

Throwback Thursday: Five years ago tomorrow

October 10, 2009, Lincoln, NE

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Throwback Thursday: My most popular flickr photo

Taken on the on the University of Idaho campus in Boise, ID on August 24, 2006 outside the campus library.  

Throwback Thursday: Article Accepted

On 25 September 2006 I learned that I’d have an article printed in the very first issue of the Journal of Web Librarianship.

Throwback Thursday: TARDIS Tennis

I originally posted this back in July 2003, and amazingly it still works.

Throwback Thursday: Stanley Jordan, 2011

One of the photos from the first batch I uploaded to Flickr back in May 2011.

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Throwback Thursday: Fourth Grade Trumpet Players

Or maybe fifth grade. Either way I’m in the blue shirt. Circa 1981  

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