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Throwback Thursday: Using the Internet as a Reference Tool

Back in June 2001 my first book for librarians was published. And today, you, yes

Throwback Thursday: What did I read in 1990?

I’ve got a spreadsheet on which I’ve been tracking what books I’ve read back to

Throwback Thursday: April 1994

This is the cover to the April 1994 issue of Wired Magazine autographed at the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference by Bruce Sterling and Steven Levy. (I never did get my pen back from Sterling…)

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Throwback Thursday: A very enlightening blog post

Generally Throwback Thursdays are to reminisce things that the blogger in question, me in this

Throwback Thursday: What What Can U Plug Into a USB?

Presented at the Iowa Libraries on the Prairie conference on 12 August 2007. What Can U