<truth type=”ohSo” /> “Women are like watches: The finer the movement the better the time”— Unknown

An end to the friends For those wishing to read a not-so-positive article on the

What a tounge Today I met Mr. Winkle at the tattered cover. Photos can be

<goddess type=”greek”> Annie </goddess>

Wireless McDonalds During my recent trip to San Francisco I saw a billboard about McDonalds

Reviewing A few months ago I was asked to read a proposed table of contents

Gone flat That’s it, my bike has had it’s last flat tire. This weekend I’m

<about>time</about> I’ve been divorced for a year now. I guess it was time to remove

That very overdue book Yeah, yeah, yeah. My Dean Koontz book is two years overdue.

Seen at the airport A button that read “When Clinton lied, nobody died.”