Google Calculator Did you know that you can use Google as a calculator?

Quote Read the whole Sherman Alexie interview that is the source for his quote regarding librarians.

Boots Ah, a whole day of listening to nothing but David Bowie bootlegs spanning that

Uh, yeah Undeniable Forensic Proof that Paul McCartney really was replaced with a Look-Alike in 1966.

Babylon 5 news, sorta B5 creator in kitten rescue drama

So, you’re a li-berry-an? This Boondocks comic is nothing short of genius!Thanks Jim

Scary government idea of the week According to this C|Net article the feds want to

The zippless format It seems that the new versions of popular zip programs will be

<truth type=”ohSo” /> “Women are like watches: The finer the movement the better the time”— Unknown

An end to the friends For those wishing to read a not-so-positive article on the