Good ol’ ashcroft Today Ashcroft Mocks Librarians calling them ‘hysterics’ over the PARTIOT ACT. The

New koontz appearance My copy of To Wake the Dead by Richard Laymon arrived today.

Two chips for the price of one Intel chips to do double duty“What we are

Dean koontz in braille I’ve received my copy of Expectations 2002 from The Braille Institute.

Photo Here’s a photo of a Rocky Mountain sunrise I took at 6.30am on 09.12.03

Proof! Kansas is flatter than a pancake!

A different perspective [Thanks again Louise]Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorish since 1492

There’s nothing like telling the future of last year Check out the advertisement near the

The beeb online According to this Slate article the BBC is looking to put it’s

More on the partiot act Should you be scared of the Patriot Act? Read this