Status update Well, found a few new items today so I’ve got them into the

Useless news O.k. I have the following issues of Dean Koontz’s Useless News which I’d

UK Firsts I’ve completed integrating the Koontz UK first editions that preceed the US first

The shelf For the past year I’ve had a single bookshelf that was overflowing with

Home stretch I am off work all this week to get my Dean Koontz book

Article out My "Introduction to RSS" has been published in the August 2003 issue of

Jail for a short story According to this Wired News article an 18-year-old highschool stodent

Forthcoming adventure Looks like I’m going GeoCaching over Labor Day weekend. I’ll be sure to

Are your users stupid? If so you just might need Stupida Mouse.

Walter isaacson A photo of the author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life can be