Also listening to The Chet Baker Quartet, live in Boston, 1954. Trouble is, the copy

First slide projectors, now film cameras Eastman Kodak Company (founded and headquartered in my home

Citizen ads against bush The winners of the contest to develop an independent advertisement against

Re: o’neil probe in the us media MSNBC did put up an article on the

Introduction to knowledge management technology In case you’re interested in what is actually taught in

Karl rove This article is a little dated but it’s a great introduction to the

Re: witch hunt In the interest of accuracy, it seems that the story about the

51st state Today MSNBC announced that Wesley Clark is skipping Iowa to focus his on

Adobe as big brother? Despite the fact that reproducing the image of US currency is

A tale of two packages On my last full day in Rochester (01.03) I mailed