There’s the sound bite “America will never seek a permission slip to defend the safety

WMDs “They’d still be around” if we’d not done anything. Trouble is, they’ve still not

“They declared war on us and war is what they got” Uh, but Sadam didn’t

Allies “Our strongest allies have been unwavering.” Does that include Belgium?

WMM’s? So now they had “weapons of mass murder”? If you can’t find WMDs, find

By the way This speech was move up a week. This of course has nothing

Thugs and assassins The Iraqi’s won’t have to live with them. The US? We get

Clapping for something Bush said Someone please find me a list of the folks that

Interesting koontz tidbit This one won’t be in the book either but I though some

Koontz book update My UK hardcover copy of The Voice of the Night by Brian