New action figure Dishonest Dubya with four outfits and hundreds of sayings. Complete with pretzel-choking action!

Banner ads My browser has a plug-in that will allow me to block images that

Laptop update Here’s the latest from Gateway: I have checked on your system and the estimated

Opening up is a blog I read on a regular basis mainly for Molly’s

More lego friends Laura’s daughter Gwynneth has made herself up in Lego. (I added the trombone.)

New Router That was way too easy. I’ve hooked up the new router and everything

Blog update The big news is that I’ve added support for comments. If you’d like

Denver public library Well, found out this morning what the “coming soon” for DPL was.

John elway can’t count The new commercial for John Elway Used Cars contains the following

Toxic bond I wouldn’t even want to hear Britney do a title song for a