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Submitted & Revised The Outlook Express for Smart Computing was turned in today and I

Marvin reincarnated It seems that Marvin the Martian has been reincarnated as a Web server.

Insert Queen lyric here It looks like my first publisher, Quessing Courseware Corp. is no

I’m back… Just spent three days in Pittsburg, KS and just about melted. Temp was

At least they admit they’re not of this time For those interested, the location mentioned

A near perfect Sunday morning Wake at 6am Load MP3 player with bootleg Prince, Sinatra’s

New pet It’s actually raining out so I thought I’d go sit out on my

Finished reading Power Failure: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Enron by Mimi Swartz

The sun over a mini-mall Caught this photo the other evening. I had to piece