About frickin’ time! Lucasfilm announced today that the orginal Star Wars trilogy will be released,

Laptop update It looks like my new laptop is finally on the way! It’s due

The Prettiest Star Cold fire, you’ve got everything but cold fire You will be my

After: How America Confronted the September 12 Eraby Steven Brill Off the bookshelf If you

Out of the ashes rises… firefox? Mozilla’s Firebird browser has been renames Firefox. Version 0.8

Don’t waste your money An article in the most recent issue of 2600 pointed to

Bush’s missing year This gentleman has a full report on Dubbya’s National Guard history including

404 not found Some people just have way too much time on their hands.

Adding insult to injury Today my mail included not one, not two, but three requests

Ah, the liberal media… Today on Meet the Press Tim Russert interviewed Dubya. The first