Koontz book update Two biggies and one small item today. My numbered copy of Charnel House’s

Elvis costello I write about 15 songs a day. I record the best ones. I

Novarg If you’re concerned that you may be infected with the latest virus (Novarg) Symantec

What? On the homepage of the Denver Public Library Web site today was a link

Need help deciding Two Web sites exist that will help you match your opinions with

If all else fails, quote frank zappa “You can’t write a chord ugly enough to

Why michael likes wesley clark O.k. this is actually why Michael Moore likes Wesley Clark

Kerry then and now Wow, me, quoting from The National Review? Well, here’s two paragraphs

Thanks for the compliment Just received this e-mail regarding my L.E. Modesitt, Jr. site: i just

Nicrosoft See if you can spot the problem…