Off the bookshelf Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Lyrics She said it was just a figment of speech And I said you mean

Off the bookshelf The War on the Bill of Rights and the Gathering Resistance by

Koontz book update Here’s a way cool find. I stumbled over an article about the

New toy on the way I ordered my new laptop today. It should arrive next

Crouching lassie, hidden tiger If you’ve not seen GE’s Lassie commercial yet go check it

First review Taming Unruly PACs Selecting the best software to keep public access computers in

A work of art Yesterday my great friend Barbara gave me this wonderful painting that

Curses, foiled again Scarecrow press has turned down the revision of my Outlook book. I’m

My friend the linguist RE: My viri post “It is not obscure! It’s first-declension. We