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21 April 2004
After receiving a few e-mails recently on the state of broken links in the site I've started working my way through and removing any link reported as broken. This evening I got through Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, and Arizona and have removed 94 bad links. I'll continue to work through the site over the next several (many) weeks. (I will not get any work done while I'm on the road.) Your patience is appreciated.

17 April 2004
Three new libraries and one new library card.

28 March 2004
An anonymous person sent me a card for the Rosebud County Library. Thanks whoever you are?

06 February 2004
Thanks to Ami Schroder for pointing out that I had a bunch of Vermont libraries listed on the Virginia page. I think I've straightened them all out and added 80 new listings in the process.

03 December 2003
Having been given a geography lesson I have merged the Holland page into the page for The Netherlands. I've also added 'home' and 'submit' links to the bottom of all the listing pages. (Ah, the joy's if HTML-Kit's 'Batch Search and Replace' plugin.

08 November 2003
New listings have been added though mostly only one or two a week so there's not been much to report. Today however Holland was added so I figured I should let you know.

25 April 2003
11 new listings in France and two in India.

15 January 2003
I'm back from my vacation and keeping myself quite busy. Just a few updates and new listings in the past few weeks.

My blog entry dated today has the last news of the year for this site.

30 October 2002
No particular reason just no new listings 'till this week. Five new listings in France.

11 August 2002
For those of you playing along at home, you may have noticed the lack of updating for the past two months. Well, I've been on the road the six of the past seven weeks. I'm home now for the next month and plan on getting my life back on track. I've finished the syllabus for the class I teaching at The University of Denver LIS program (LIS 4206: Web Content Development) and I've caught up completely with the updates to this site by adding 77 new sites. (If you submitted an update and it has not appeared, please resubmit it.) Now on to finishing the Koontz book and writing my half of the Library Management Software book...

08 June 2002
29 new listings in Minnesota.

18 May 2002
Nine new libraries added in New York puts the site over the 8700 mark!

12 May 2002
26 new libraries in Connecticut (all at Yale.)

29 April 2002
I've created an icon legend page to explain the icons used in the site. I've also added a new icon (star) for those libraries that have contributed to my library card collection.

28 April 2002
64 new listings in Tennessee.

31 March 2002
21 new libraries including 10 in Floria. Also, the first listings for libraries in Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Mongolia, Sudan and Tanzania.

25 March 2002
52 libraries added in New York, 30 in Missouri, 16 in Mississippi, 15 in Nebraska, two in Vermont and one in New Mexico with more to come soon.

10 March 2002
A special thanks goes out to Dahmmaet Bunnjaweht for 28 new libraries in Thailand.

25 December 2001
Merry Christmas. Things have been slow (the site) and hectic (my life) due to the holidays. Have added two new libraries today. One in Washington, the other in Ukraine.

10 November 2001
I've been traveling extensively lately (California, Nevada, Hawaii and Utah in just the past three weeks) so there's not a lot of site news. The count did pass 8400 hundread today.

28 September 2001
My latest book, XHTML Essentials, is out.

16 September 2001
Due to recent events in New York, Washinton DC and Pennsylvania, I have created a page of resources and information for librarians to use to help answer questions about the events.
Regarding this site, I've just added 432 new links to the Pensylvania page bringing the total number of links to more than 8300.

09 August 2001
My next two books, XHTML Essentials and Using Microsoft Outlook: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians are through the proof stage. Both are due out in September.

24 July 2001
My first book is out! Using the Internet as a Reference Tool: A How-to--do-it Manual for Librarians can be ordered directly from Neal-Schuman.

22 June 2001
Many new listings including 61 in Oregon, 17 in Washington, 52 in Hawaii and 49 new organizations.

12 May 2001
A special thanks goes out to Saleh M Najim for both the first Libyan library and the 7400th listing.
18 April 2001
Two new libraries in Nigeria.
09 March 2001
My first professional article was just published. You can find "Style Guidance" in the May 2001 issue of Web Techniques. The article deals with the how's and why's of putting together a style manual for your Web site.
25 January 2001
The number of listings in Montana was doubled today to 86.
06 January 2001
Welcome to the new millennium. The holidays are past and I'm getting caught up on all this work. I've added more than 40 new listings this week. Find them in Alaska, Delaware, and Massachusetts.
On a more personal note, I have jut finished my first book Using the Internet as a Reference Tool for Neal-Schumann (to be released in late April), and I'm half way through XHTML Essentials for John Wiley & Sons (late summer). I've also just entered an agreement with Cemetery Dance Publications to publish a yet-to-be-titled comprehensive guide to collecting Dean Koontz scheduled for this Fall. So, if it seems to take me a little longer than usual to get your listing entered or updated you now know why.
29 November 2000
Libraries in three new countries added! Bangladesh, Lesotho and Swaziland push the list to the 130 country mark!
19 November 2000
62 new libraries in Nebraska and one new library each in Arizona, California and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
22 October 2000
South Carolina is pretty popular these days; 35 more listings there putting the list over the 7200 mark.
13 October 2000
Full moon and it's a Friday... 25 new listings in South Carolina.
07 October 2000
Only a few new ones here and there over the past two months. Thirteen new listings today including 11 in South Carolina.
18 August 2000
68 new links including 6 in Puerto Rico, 28 in Vermont and 21 in New York (the CUNY system) taking the list over the 7100 mark.
29 July 2000
19 new libraries, most in West Virginia puts the directory over the 7050 mark.
23 July  2000
69 new libraries including 41 in New Hampshire and four new countries Greenland, Guyana, Papua New Guinea and Somalia. This puts the directory over the 7000 mark!
01 July 2000
A special thank you to Thomas Sink for 62 new libraries in Ohio (with more to come) and a few others puts the list at 6850. The following countries have also been added: Nepal, Albania, Niue
15 July 2000
53 new listings on the companies page, mainly dealing with automated systems and software. The site is currently averaging a little over 100 hits per day. Thanks to all who find this site useful! Keep those new listings and updates coming.
09 July 2000
I'm half-way through the new Harry Potter book but figured I should take some time to update the directory...
72 new listings putting the list over the 6900 mark. These new listing include 30 state library associations, 11 new listings in North Dakota, 22 in Virginia, and three new countries; Benin, Mauritania and Reunion.
24 June 2000
49 new libraries in Idaho puts the list over the 6700 mark!
23 June 2000
After receiving a comment that the publisher's page was weak (only eight links) it now lists 176. I also added 143 new libraries in Kansas. The directory has surpassed 6650!
16 June 2000
31 new libraries many in Utah and Nevada putting the directory over the 6400 mark.
09 June 2000
Added 52 new libraries today, 28 in New Mexico, 16 in Arizona, one in Taiwan, and a few others along with some updates. Of course, so many were added today because I was a month behind in the updates...
06 May 2000
Algeria added.
05 May 2000
Libraries in Andorra, Gambia, Micronesia and Virgin Islands (British) added to the directory.
29 April 2000
Thirteen new listings in Arizona (Thanks again Craig!) and completing the list of libraries in the California State University system has pushed the list over the 6300 mark.
The following countries has been added to the Directory: Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama & Vietnam.
18 April 2000
A special thanks to Cindi Trainor form the University of Kentucky for more than 90 new listing in Kentucky. This puts the directory well over the 6200 mark!
15 April 2000
Eight more listings in Arizona. A few more scattered around. This site is fully accessible to users with disabilities according to the Bobby service. I've rewritten this page in XHTML and plan on doing the rest in the next few weeks. If you see any major problems with display in your browser please let me know immediately. (Please include a detailed description of the problem, browser name and version number.)
08 April 2000
Two new countries: San Marino and Zimbabwe. Also, 21 new libraries in Arizona and 11 in New Mexico.
06 March 2000
Feeling somewhat of a hypocrite in telling my students that one sign of a good Web site is a list of related resources and not having one on this page I've created page of other lists. It's quite short right now, but it will grow, I promise.
20 February 2000
With the addition of 11 new libraries in North Carolina, the Directory has broken the 6100 mark thanks to Geneva Holliday!
05 February 2000
I've created a new page for U.S. Military libraries. I added the new libraries that were sent to me recently (thanks dad) and then went back and pulled the applicable ones from the Federal Government page. There may be others floating around or newly created duplicates. If you notice any please let me know and I'll be happy to move them to the new page. Please note: not all of the libraries on the U.S. Military page are physically in the U.S.
04 February 2000
Yesterday, 02/03/00 the Directory hit a milestone. It has its first day with more than 2000 hits. Hey, it's not Yahoo's numbers but I'm still happy.
28 January 2000
Not much news. I've been receiving new and updated listings and inserting them as necessary. No new countries recently but a second library in Qatar was submitted a few days ago.
14 December 1999
Some may have notice the number of sites going down lately. Although I have been receiving regular additions to the list, I have also been removing bad links. Due to the size of the directory I remove any and all links FrontPage reports as broken. Check and make sure that your listing is still there. If not, please resubmit it.
04 December 1999
El Salvador and Luxembourg added. The test search page has been removed.
24 November 1999
18 new libraries in New York.
21 November 1999
Feeling that so many others have sent in new libraries lately, I decided to sit and look for some myself. Result: 103 new libraries in the Czech Republic 142 in The Netherlands and 33 in Germany
20 November 1999
Senegal has been added.
18 new military libraries in the U.S. can be found on the U.S. Federal Government page.
Globalization strikes the Directory! Lucy Sutton from Quebec submitted a listing update for her company's library (Société d'habitation du Québec) last week. Unfortunately, I don't read or speak French... Just wanted to take this opportunity to point Directory users to AltaVista's BabelFish translation service. Just paste in some text, or a URL and the text/document will be translated for you. English to and from French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are available.
19 November 1999
Jordan added to the directory.
I performed a recount of links. I though I was at 4082 but FrontPage reports 5728! (Guess I was just a little off...)
The new search page is available for testing. Please let me know what you think via the submission form's comments box.
12 November 1999
Craig Gable strikes again! New libraries for Malta, Kenya, Nigeria & Vatican City! The directory is now listing libraries in over 100 countries!
02 November 1999
Extra special thanks to Craig Gable for submitting the first libraries in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and Stephanie Huthmacher for submitting  the first libraries in Netherland Antilles and Saint Lucia
12 October 1999
Welcome members of The New Librarians list, Newlib-L. I hope you find this directory useful. Use the online submission form to send in new and updated listings.
26 September 1999
After a slow month, Pakistan has been added to the directory.
20 August 1999
Added more than 50 new libraries to the Japan page along with 11 new listings in Greece, thus topping the 4000 listing mark!
12 August 1999
Changed to a new counter and statistics service.  Check them out below.
11 August 1999
Several new libraries added and a few updated.  Mostly military libraries.  I noticed this is a category I seem to be lacking in.  If you know of any please pass them along.
05 August 1999
143 new listings added today with 113 of them in Canada.
04 August 1999
43 new listings today.  More to come in the near future.
11 June 1999
Submit a listing for a library in a country I don't already have a page for and get a special mention at the top of the page!
02 June 1999
The Search page has changed to the SiteMiner service.  It will now only search the directory and not all of my Web pages.
15 April 1999
Keep an eye on the numbers at the top and bottom of the page.  I've been spending a lot of time adding libraries both through submissions and hunting out on the 'Net.   With over 3600 listings, this is the largest directory of libraries on the web bar none! After this weekend I will be out of town for three weeks.  I'll be home on weekends and I'll take care of submissions then but don't expect any more large increases 'till mid May.
12 April 1999
I've added & updated all of the listings submitted today.  That update put the Directory over the 3000 mark! Please don't forget to send in others that you come across.  I've also implemented an updated.gif (168 bytes) graphic if you want to check your listing.  Both the updated.gif (168 bytes) and new.gif (111 bytes) graphics appear for 30 days on individual listings.
10 April 1999
Welcome to the new streamlined version of the Directory.   Despite the time I took to put the site into frames a few years ago, I finally was convinced that it was easier to use without frames.  I have also gone through and pulled out all the bad links.  I realize that they were my fault but I thought it was just easier to yank them all then to try and fix them all.
Please check to see if your library is still listed.  If not, please submit the URL and I'll get it into the Directory ASAP.
In exchange for frames I have implemented limited use of CSS on the site.  If you are using a browser that does not support CSS this should not cause any problems in the site's usability.  If you find that it does, please let me know so I may correct any problems.
There are still a few fixes left to be made and a back log of new libraries that should all be finished by the end of the weekend.
Thank you for your continued support.