Friday Video: Japan’s First Super Hero | The History of Golden Bat

Before One Punch Man, before My Hero Academia, before manga & anime as we know it, there was a laughing skeleton that stood for justice, and he may be the most historic superhero of all time. In this video Kenny Lauderdale (me), breaks down the entire anime history of Golden Bat, from the Series to the movies, to his multiple pieces of lost media. I might have gone a bit overboard with this one, but Golden bat influences anime so much it’s kind of crazy. Known as Fantomas, Fantaman, fantasmagorico, ogon bat, & a bunch of other names; this superhero series might have the record for Anime Firsts. First manga? Kinda. First SUBTITLED manga? Yeah probably. Even Steven Universe’s Lapis Lzuli takes inspiration from this series. He pioneered manga with kamishibai, & anime might not even exist without him, not in the same form anyway. Japan’s first super hero is here, & he’s a laughing skeleton wearing a cape.

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