How to Fire Bad Employees and Have a Clear Conscience by Scott S. Bateman

Anyone who spends a long time in management may have to face one of the most unpleasant tasks of all: firing an employee.

Bad employees are inevitable, even in good companies. Effective middle and senior managers who routinely hire people occasionally make mistakes, even after going through a careful and thorough hiring process.

Sometimes they don’t make a mistake. Sometimes fate intervenes in an employee’s life and turns a good employee into a bad one. Bad employees aren’t always bad people.

How to terminate an employee is often more complicated and time consuming than a good hiring process involving multiple interviews, background checks and reviews of dozens if not hundreds of applications. It’s also more stressful for anyone with a conscience.

Knowing the reasons why an employee is failing is critical to solving the problem without termination. Naive managers may jump to the conclusion that a bad employee also is a bad person, and so it’s only right to get rid of them. Unethical managers may fire an employee without going through due process and without thinking about the possible consequences, which include wrongful termination that may lead to a lawsuit.

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