3 Ways the Best Leaders Communicate Every Day by Steven Hopper

The role of a leader has evolved over the last decade. Being a leader used to entail telling people what to do and taking charge of the “important” stuff.

But in modern organizations and with newer generations, the definition of leadership is changing. Good leaders now care more about the impact they have on their people than on their bottom line. They set a positive example that attracts people to willingly follow them. In addition, they support and nurture the growth of those around them, ultimately multiplying their influence through others.

This means a huge part of leadership is really how effectively you communicate with the people around you, which is why the best communicators tend to be great leaders.

This means being a leader doesn’t require a designated title. In fact, there are great leaders in all parts of an organization and at all levels of the hierarchy. So regardless of the title you hold, you can start being an effective leader now.

Here are the three ways that the best leaders communicate every day:

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Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

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