Speak Last, Speak Little, Speak Well by Mark J Kingsfield

The power of effective communication is clear. No matter how refined, insightful, or world-beating your thoughts and ideas are, if you are unable to articulate them effectively, they have limited use.

We all have good ideas, and all want to get them out there. This is entirely the problem. Everyone is speaking or communicating all the time — it is hard to find your voice.

This is, even more, the case in the workplace, as colleagues and co-workers jostle for position. Ruthless ambition often driving a cut-throat environment. In a world of competition where you are your own brand, what you say and how you say it matters.

This is a story about a man who said few words, but with disproportionate effect.

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Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

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