A Guide to Trusting Your Employees by Thomas P Seager, PhD

In most companies, success at the lower rungs of an organizational hierarchy often means moving up — to management, more responsibility, and higher levels of accountability. The idea is that success at producing work will translate into success at managing others who produce work.

Sometimes that is the case. Sometimes it is not.

Nevertheless, as you accumulate authority over and responsibility for the work of others, you’ll be challenged by the negative emotions associated with a loss of control. Ironically, grasping for control is one of the most common ways people manage negative emotions.

In too many organizations, trust is expected to flow up to those who have authority, accumulate the profits, and take the credit. Control is directed down towards those who have responsibility, receive wages, and take the blame. These are the organizations that fail to develop leaders, because they are managed out of fear.

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Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

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