10 Powerful Lessons Real People Learned From Horrible Bosses by Marina Khidekel

If you’ve ever found yourself working for a difficult manager, you probably took away some valuable insights for how you don’t want to work — and how you do. Rebecca Greenbaum, a professor at Rutgers University’s school of management and labor relations, recently told The New York Times about the impact a bullying boss can have on a team. “Productivity may rise in the short term… But over time the performance of the staff or team deteriorates, and people quit,” she said.

Since some of our best leadership lessons come from our most trying experiences, we asked members of the Thrive Global community to share the best lessons they learned from the worst bosses they’ve had.

No one is in charge of your career but you

“My first job was a real mismatch for me. I realised that I was good at writing and needed to switch my career paths to journalism. When I resigned, my boss told me that my media career was over because she would refuse to give me a reference. I was devastated at first. But over the next couple months, with distance and clarity from that job, I realised that no one was in charge of my career but me. That experience taught me to have faith in myself and my abilities. I have been a professional writer ever since.”

—Greta Solomon, writing coach and author, London, England

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