Managing your relations with yourself by Jamie LaRue

The last, and crucial, relationship to manage in order to be a successful director is the one with yourself.

Directors, like the board, like the staff, like the building, like the collection, are an institutional asset, worthy of time and attention. But even more fundamental than business success is personal integrity and a sense of worth, by which I mean the simple ability to get out of bed in the morning, the belief that there’s a point to it.

We seek purpose and meaning. In theory, doing work that we believe in and are good at, making a difference in people’s lives, should be enough to keep us going. In practice, sometimes we falter or fall.

Some things are obvious. To stay effective, to stay well, we should exercise, get enough sleep, eat foods that are good for us, have a supportive network of friends and family, and know when we need some downtime. But it’s more likely that we regulate ourselves poorly: avoiding exercise, staying up late, bingeing on all the wrong things, isolating ourselves (or losing ourselves in social swirls or the illusory connections of social media), and disregarding all the signs that we’re running out of steam.

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