What Bad Leaders Consistently Get Wrong About Discipline

One of your direct reports disregards a rule. What do you do?

Do you let it slide because they are a top performer? Do make excuses for them because they might not know better? Do you fire them to send a message to your team?

It all comes down to discipline, and not in the way you’re probably thinking.

Most leaders think of discipline as a negative. In reality, discipline is what you do for someone not to someone. My company LearnLoft defines discipline in the Elevate Others Leadership Report as “to promote standards in order for an individual to choose to be at their best.”

Discipline allows you to set high standards for what’s expected and hold people accountable to the choices they decide to make every day. As former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell once said, “The essence of leadership is holding your people to the highest possible standard while taking the best possible care of them.”

He’s right, and he exposes a fundamental truth that the best leaders understand about discipline: It’s essential to set a really high bar and to care.

If you want to be a more disciplined leader, follow these three steps: 

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