How to Hold Your Team Accountable

Do you wish your team took more ownership? Here’s how to get your team to the point where you trust them to get the job done without you.

As a CEO coach I’ve heard statements like these many times:

“My VP just isn’t pulling his/her weight”

“I don’t trust him/her to do the work properly”

“My team don’t act like owners”

Sound familiar?

When I first started managing people, I wanted to give as clear direction to my team as possible so they could make their own decisions. But with business assumptions changing on a daily basis, I ended up taking most of the important decisions myself, or even jumping in and doing their work for them.

It put a huge amount of stress on me. Resentment built up and I delegated less and less. With so much on my plate, I was running the risk of burnout, and as my team saw this spiral, they became demotivated . . . and the vicious spiral continued.

How do you learn to trust people and help them step up?

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Image CC Frans Peeters

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