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NYC theater overrules MPAA rating for Snowden documentary

I saw Citizenfour last weekend and I’m at a loss as to why this film was rated R. At least one theatre felt the same and did something about it:

Citizenfour, the acclaimed Laura Poitras documentary about Edward Snowden, has been given an R rating by the notoriously corrupt and opaque MPAA ratings board (see This Film Is Not Yet Rated).

The IFC Center theater in New York City isn’t having any of it, and has posted a notice inviting high-school age patrons to come, especially those who might vote in the next election.

Citizenfour rating

Read the full article @ BoingBoing.


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1 thought on “NYC theater overrules MPAA rating for Snowden documentary”

  1. Stephen Michael Kellat says:

    I would consider going if there were showings closer in Ohio than Columbus, Dayton, let alone Oberlin. Pittsburgh is still a heckuva commute too. I’m actually surprised the Cleveland Institute of Art isn’t showing this.

    Hopefully this comes out on DVD eventually as that’s going to be the only way I can economically see it.

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