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Oxford’s Library Chooses Its First New Chair Design Since 1936

Bodlean ChairOxford’s Bodleian library—aka the Bod—is one of England’s largest libraries, a 414-year-old research hub steeped in tradition and history. For example, only three types of chair have ever been designed for use inside its walls. Until now, that is: According to Co.Design, the library has chosen a fourth design to replace its older models.

Why is the Bod choosing to inaugurate a new chair now, 77 years after its last model was designed? Because one of its buildings is currently undergoing a major renovation—and each major revamp has seen the introduction of a new chair. In other words, it’s tradition. After launching a UK-wide call for designs in 2012, the library whittled 60 entries down to six—and finally, they chose a winner: A three-legged wooden chair submitted by London designersEdward Barber and Jay Osgerby.

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