Our recent road trip by the numbers

Total miles traveled: 3283.1
Percentage of miles drive by Michael: 100%
States passed through: 14 (some more than once)
Wrong turns: a dozen or so
Average MPG: 36.27815 (Would have been higher but we had to run the air conditioning the whole time.)
Ratio of US Marshals to people with ankle shackles seen: 2:1
Amish children very amused by our Smart Car: 2
Parked Smart Cars seen: 1 (in New Orleans)
Other Smart Cars on the road seen: 3
Times we were asked about our car: 5
Stops at Starbucks: Lost count @ 9
Quilt stores: 1 (but it was HUGE!)
Book stores: 3 (that’s a new low record for us!)
Yards of fabric purchased: I refused to count
Books bought: 15 (again a very low number for us)


4 Replies to “Our recent road trip by the numbers”

  1. All of this in 5.5 days! And for the quilters out there: the fabric store was Hancock’s of Paducah!

  2. But were any of the wrong turns at Albuquerque? (Really, I’m impressed by the low numbers on both the wrong turns and the book stores.)

  3. No wrong turns in Albuquerque but at one point we did see a lot of rabbits by the side of the road.

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