The Travelin' Librarian Fun Our recent road trip by the numbers

Our recent road trip by the numbers

Total miles traveled: 3283.1
Percentage of miles drive by Michael: 100%
States passed through: 14 (some more than once)
Wrong turns: a dozen or so
Average MPG: 36.27815 (Would have been higher but we had to run the air conditioning the whole time.)
Ratio of US Marshals to people with ankle shackles seen: 2:1
Amish children very amused by our Smart Car: 2
Parked Smart Cars seen: 1 (in New Orleans)
Other Smart Cars on the road seen: 3
Times we were asked about our car: 5
Stops at Starbucks: Lost count @ 9
Quilt stores: 1 (but it was HUGE!)
Book stores: 3 (that’s a new low record for us!)
Yards of fabric purchased: I refused to count
Books bought: 15 (again a very low number for us)



4 thoughts on “Our recent road trip by the numbers”

  1. Mary Sauers says:

    All of this in 5.5 days! And for the quilters out there: the fabric store was Hancock’s of Paducah!

  2. Pollyalida says:

    Mary, we want pics of the fabric! 🙂

  3. Laura K says:

    But were any of the wrong turns at Albuquerque? (Really, I’m impressed by the low numbers on both the wrong turns and the book stores.)

  4. Michael Sauers says:

    No wrong turns in Albuquerque but at one point we did see a lot of rabbits by the side of the road.

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