Pre-conference day @ CIL

Flaming ice creamYesterday wasn’t quite as long a day as the previous day but I’m still exhausted and my feet hurt. I’m going to get through this but boy do I need sleep.

Yesterday morning was quiet and I got a lot of work done in the hotel lobby on their free WiFi. About 11am I left the lobby, leaving my jacket behind. (We’ll catch up with my jacket later in this story.) I spent an hour catching up with Jason Griffey and Stephen Abram and got my first chance to say hello to Conference Chair Jane Dysart. Off to the workshop luncheon and catching up with a few more old friends such as Jason Clark. Post lunch it was off to my pre-conference, eBooks & eReaders: Next Steps.

Overall I believe the workshop went well. The experience level of the attendees was a little broader than I was expecting but I think everyone left with as many of their questions answered as I could possibly answer in the time allowed. Speaking of time, I rushed through what I thought was my last topic when I thought the workshop ended at 4. The attendees then pointed out that class didn’t end for another half hour. My mistake and I still feel bad about that. However, we spent that final half hour discussing larger issues when it comes to libraries and eBooks, which wasn’t my original plan, but everyone seemed to appreciate it.

The off to the gaming event during which I didn’t play but acted more as an obstacle for those playing laser tag. More catching up with old friends ensued.

To top off the night a small group of us went out to dinner to celebrate Jennifer Koerber’s 40th birthday. (Actually this coming Friday.) We ended up at a wonderful pan-Asian place named Bannana Leaves where I had a wonderful grilled seafood teriyaki  dinner. What ended to amazing dinner was the desert they brought out for Jennifer. That would be the flaming ball of deep-fried ice cream pictured in this post. Jennifer got the best photo of it and if she posts it online I’ll try to link to it later.

Finally back to the hostel and an attempt to sleep. It was quiet this time around but something just wouldn’t let me sleep. Probably the combination of foam mattress and thin pillows. Tonight, there will be drugs involved in getting me to sleep no matter how tired I am.

So, off to conference I go for the first full day. Jennifer and I are running the Issues & Challenges track for the third and last time and I’m sure a fun time will be had by all.

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  1. Oh, forgot about that. I went back to the bar after having left my jacket on a chair about five hours earlier, and the bar staff had just minutes before given it to the security guard at the front door. So, not only did I get my jacket back, but it sat where I left it for hours before anyone even noticed it.

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