This isn’t good at all…

I H8 PCMy main desktop is currently dead. Sure, it powers on, but then nothing. No HP splash screen allowing me to get to the bios. No booting from a recovery USB drive, nor from my Windows 8 disk. Nada.

Back story, some or all of which may have something to do with the problem but I’m not sure:

Yesterday I had to flip a breaker in the basement which did cut power to the computer. However it cut power to other computers and didn’t cane them any harm. I rebooted the computer and everything worked fine as far as I could tell.

This morning after doing some work on the desktop I went to the start screen and it was blank. I could still start typing and get search results and bring up the charms, but no tiles would appear.

Some Google searching led me to running the “sfc” command which checks Windows 8 for missing and corrupted files. Those results cam back reporting no problems.

Another possible solution was to put the computer into sleep mode and then bring it back. I put it into sleep mode. It wouldn’t come back.

I manually powered off the computer by holding down the power button for several seconds. (Something I’ve done to this computer before to no ill effect.)

Now the computer won’t boot.

I am not a happy camper. I’m stumped. (Yes, everything’s either on external drives or backed up online.)

Later this morning I’m taking it to a local place for diagnostics. (No, I’ am not taking it to Best Buy or Staples. I want NOTHING done to this computer without my input first.) $49.95 for the diagnostics unless someone’s got a good suggestion in the next hour.

Oh, and I am not at this point blaming Windows 8. If I can’t get to the BIOS the OS can’t be the problem, can it?

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