Library Directors: Have you publically praised your staff lately

I don’t just mean out on the floor of the library, I mean really in public, like in the local paper (or their Web site), like Omaha Public Library director, Gary Wasdin just did.

“A library’s greatest treasures go home every night.”

It may sound a little corny, but it’s true nonetheless. A library’s staff members are its greatest asset. People working in libraries touch the lives of so many people in big ways and small. One joy of my work at Omaha Public Library is receiving letters from people throughout Douglas County telling me how they’ve been helped or how thankful they are for the kind service. It might be from an unemployed person sharing how a staff member helped them to improve their resume, or from a parent telling me how wonderful a children’s librarian was during story time. Collections, programs and services at the library are great, but the library employees make it work.

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