DRM once again harms customers

The manga site JManga is shutting down. Oh, and they don’t allow you to download the content you “purchased”. According to their FAQ:

Is there a way to download the manga I have purchased?

It is not possible to download manga from My Page. All digital manga content will no longer be viewable after May 30th 2013 at 11:59pm (US Pacific Time)

I found this via The Digital Reader and here’s how they put it:

What we have here is a yet another example of the fact that DRM does nothing but punish the paying customer. It doesn’t actually stop piracy; in this case piracy was already rampant thanks to readily available scanners and a large and enthusiastic fan base.

Read the complete article @ The Digital Reader.

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  1. Just got locked out of a decade-old single player game by Online DRM. It would’ve been easier to get a crack for it than to deal with the DRM. Now after dealing with the DRM, I don’t even want to play the game anymore. This isn’t even discussing the issue of when all these DRM platforms like Ubiplay or Steam (and all the steam fangirls deny its DRM depsite Gabe Newell’s own comments on marketing his DRM platform with “features” — features most people don’t even want btw ) or etc go under and all those purchases are gone forever.

    It’s not like pirates ever have to deal with this bullshit, only paying customers ever do. Furthermore, piracy doesn’t even affect sales and the powers that shouldn’t be tried to hide that fact from the world.


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